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New Product: Zinc Acetylaceonate

Author:Admin Date:2/19/2012 12:06:30 AM
     After more than 2 years' preparation and development, Huzhou Xinaote Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd., is now producing Zinc Acetylaceonate.

     The replacement of lead in PVC has resulted in a rapid growth of Calcium/Zinc (Ca/Zn) and Calcium-organic stabilizer systems. Calcium acetylacetonate and Zinc acetylacetonate are important ingredients for these stabilizer systems. They improve color stability during processing and during the lifetime of the final PVC article.
     The new heat stabilizers are what we are following to contribute to the drive for more eco-friendly, lead-free PVC heat stabilizer systems. In the end product, Calcium Acetylaceonate  ensures an excellent medium and long term color stability, while Zinc Acetylaceonate contributes to an improved short term color stability.Ca/Zn and Calcium-organic stabilizer systems containing Acetylaceonates are mainly used in rigid PVC applications such as window profiles.

     Please kindly contact us for more information about our Acetylacetonate PVC heat stabilizers.

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