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Synthetic Hydrotalcite

Synthetic Hydrotalcite
Product name:Synthetic Hydrotalcite

Synthetic Hydrotalcite


  • Introduction
    • WS-903 which is synthetic hydrotalcite compounds researched and developed by our company, is aluminum calcium magnesium hydroxide and is superfine powder. The synthetic hydrotalcite has good dispersity and excellent transparency in the plastic processing process, and it is excellent non-toxic and environmental friendly auxiliary heat stabilizer for PVC products.
  • Specifications
    • Appearance: White crystal powder
    • CaO/Al2O3/MgO:     1/4.8-5.8MoL
    • Heating loss:          ≤ 2%
    • Fineness (300mesh):   ≤ 0.5%
    • Heavy metal (Pb):   ≤ 10PPM
  • Applications
    • Auxiliary heat stabilizer for PVC processing
    • Acid catching agent for polyolefin processing
    • UV absorber in PE, PVC, EVA
    • Non-toxic fire retardant
  • Product features

Compared with traditional stearate products, the synthetic hydrotalcite which has advantages of strong acid catching ability, non precipitation, good weather resistance, excellent heat stability, and has good compatibility with various auxiliaries in PVC processing process

  • Packaging and transportation
    • The product should be stored and transported in dry and cool place with air ventilation, and pay attention to moisture proof.
    • The product packed in plastic woven bags lined with PE bag, 20kg net weight per bag.

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