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Zinc Cyanurate

Zinc Cyanurate
Product name:Zinc Cyanurate

Zinc Cyanurate

Chemical molecular formula

CAS NO452.14       

Property: Zinc cyanurate is a white powder. The product is an environmental rare earth stabilizer, which meets the requirements of environmental protection indicators.

Main application

  • As an additive, this product is an ideal auxiliary stabilizer in PVC processing aids, matching with PVC environmental stabilizer, it is obviously better than that of traditional zinc stearate and effectively lengthen "zinc burning", it can inhibit the autocatalysis of PVC and slow down the thermal degradation of PVC.
  • Characteristics:Environmental protection, non-toxic, cost-effective ;

2. Improvement of flame retardant, antistatic and other properties of PVC products;

3. Reduce the Tg,Tm and rotational balance moment of PVC, the process performance is good, and it is easy to be machined.

4.Effective improvement of dynamic and static thermal stability of PVC.

5.Good compatibility.

 Quality standard

Test items

Standard requirements


white powder

Metal content (in Zn)


Loss on drying(Moisture)%





Packaging and transportation

  • The product should be stored in a dry and cool place with air ventilation, and pay attention to moisture proof.
  • The product packed in kraft paper bag lined with PE bag, 25 kg net weight per bag.



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